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Cost: R2 700 (incl VAT)

The DLP (Distance Learning Programme) is the International Bach Centre's introductory-level correspondence course. It makes it possible for people living in South-Africa to have access to the training, at a fraction of the cost of travelling.

The level 1 training course can be completed in the comfort of your home. It consists of 5 modules which will be sent by email. As you complete the assignments, it will be assessed and feedback will be provided. 

The course is not offered on a web site, but modules and assignments are sent and received by email. 

A list of recommended books are included and together with the course material, provides a structured way of learning about the remedies.

The suggested time to complete the Level 1 Distance Learning Programme is 3 months.

After successful completion of Level 1, all participants will receive an International Bach Centre approved certificate.


Signing up for the DLP course, I thought I would learn a bit more about each remedy and how I could use them with my nearest and dearest. I was however, completely and pleasantly surprised to not only learn about the remedies but more importantly about myself. The last 2 years of life have been rather up and down and just knowing now that I can even use the remedies to assist with processing all of life’s curveballs is such a comfort. I am so excited to start using them in my everyday life and with my little family.

Thank you so much.

Bianka, Western Cape

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