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A variety of plant-based and nutritional products are available at the Practice in Somerset West​.

Contact us for more information and a Telehealth Consultation to discuss your health needs.

Prices are available on request

Musculoskeletal Support

Musculoskeletal Support
relief complex (4).jpg
Relief Complex

Formulated for optimal absorption to improve congestion, pain and inflammation.

The combination of plant extracts has a wide therapeutic application which results in pain relief.

_Pain Relief Cream-1.jpg
Mineral Magnesium Complex (2).jpg
Magnesium Glycenate.jpg
Pain Relief Cream
Mineral Magnesium Complex
Magnesium Glycinate

Contains Herbal extracts and Essential oils to use topically on local areas of pain and discomfort.

Blended for optimal absorption to improve metabolic system functioning and reduce acidity in thebody.

It contains Magnesium Glycinate which is well tolerated and safe for long term use.

Magnesium is the relaxation mineral and has a direct influence on muscle, bone and brain functioning. Magnesium Glycenate is well absorbed, giving sustainable relief from muscle spasm and stiffness.

Read more about the Magnesium Protocol

Digestive Support

Digestive Support
bioflora complex.jpg
Aloe Fibre
Prebiotic Complex
Bioflora Complex
Herbal Bitters

Organically wild harvested Aloe Ferox fibre helps to keep the gut healthy. It is naturally rich in iron and a source of insoluble dietary fibre. It helps to promote good digestion and regular bowel movements and assist with maintaining a healthy microbiome.

Prebiotic Complex capsules enhance digestive health  and containsMarshmallow root extract (Althea officinalis) An easy and convenient way to ensure your daily intake of insoluble fibre.

Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that, when consumed regularly, help maintain good microbe levels in the gut. 
Contains 15 billion CFU per capsule and is recommended to use after
taking antibiotics to enhance a healthy gut.

A little goes a long way to enhance digestion! This bitter tasting formula supports the liver during times of celebration, over indulgence or when the digestive system may need more intensive care.

Immune Support

Immune Support

Immune assist (3).jpg
Immune Assist Complex
Health Complex (3).jpg
recovery complex (2).jpg
tincture for immune enhancement.jpg
The Health Complex
Recovery Complex
Tincture for Immune Enhancement

Blended for optimal absorption to enhance
immune system function.

Contains natural
anti-oxidants, Vitamin C and Zinc. Safe for long term use and with most other forms of medication. 

Blended for optimal absorption to enhance immune respiratory and
digestive system functions. Rich in
indigenous plant extracts and Echinacea to support immune resilience.

Formulated to assist and enhance the body's healing and recovery processes. It is rich in
flavonoids, zinc and ginger.

Specially formulated for the persistent
cough and to soothe irritated airways.
Its sweet taste makes it popular with children.


Nervous System Support

Nervous System Support

nerve nourish (3).jpg
Nerve Nourish
Adrenal Adaptogens
Synergy Complex
Sleep Support Complex

Blended for optimal absorption to
improve nervous system functioning.


Formulated for optimal absorption to support the body during times of stress. Recommended for long term use.


Enhance immune and neurological communication to reduce inflammation, pain and stress.

Rich in Phytocannabinoids and Anti Oxidants.

Blended for optimal absorption to enhance
relaxation and support sleep.

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