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"They who will obtain the greatest benefit from this God-sent gift will be those who keep it pure as it is; free from science, free from theories, for everything in Nature is simple." 

~  Dr Edward Bach 

The Bach International Education Programme is a three-tier training programme on the Bach Flower Remedies ranging from introductory level to practitioner training. These Bach Centre-approved courses offer high quality training and reflect the philosophy of Dr Edward Bach. Training is standardized world wide.

Level 3

Level 1 teaches the basics, the indications for each remedy and how to select a personal remedy combination.

We offer 

Distance Learning 


Classroom based course 

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During this course you will develop a deeper understanding of the subtler aspects of using the remedies and explore some of the underlying philosophy.

This is currently only available as a classroom based course​​


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This course is for people who want to work professionally with the remedies and includes opportunities to enhance your consultation and listening skills.


Level 3 is not yet presented in South Africa but we are looking forward to offering the training in South Africa shortly.


Once you have completed a Bach Centre-approved Level 3 course you are entitled to apply to join the International Bach Foundation Register of Practitioners.

After the successful completion of Level 1 DLP (Distance Learning Programme), or Level 1 classroom based course, you can apply to attend a Level 2 course anywhere in the world.  As a result, you will be only 1 step away from becoming a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner after successful completion of Level 3. 


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