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Healing the Healthy Way

Take responsibility for the garden of your own body. Whether you are an energetic young person ready to enjoy everything life has to offer, or a long term abuser of your body who have been ignoring the signs of neglect for too many years, or just someone who wants to honor your body by making sustainable lifestyle changes, come and visit us.

“Our bodies are our gardens – our wills are our gardeners” ~ William Shakespeare

We are a Natural Medicine Health Hub that offers a variety of treatments  

We have a range of plant based health products developed by our registered phytotherapy practitioner, Dr Sanien de Beer

We offer online as well as attendance courses in Bach Flower Remedies

Dr Sanien de Beer is an accredited GENEWAY™ provider. Insight in your DNA will assist you to make informed health choices

Make an appointment for a consultation at the practice in Somerset West, or opt for an Online Telehealth consultation

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